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Dareu EH745 gaming headphones, RGB, 7.1 (black)

  • Dareu EH745 gaming headphones, RGB, 7.1 (black)
  • Dareu EH745 gaming headphones, RGB, 7.1 (black)
  • Dareu EH745 gaming headphones, RGB, 7.1 (black)
  • Dareu EH745 gaming headphones, RGB, 7.1 (black)
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Dareu EH745 gaming headphones

The Dareu EH745 gaming headphones will allow you to fully focus on the game and break more records. Enjoy exciting gameplay with superior 7.1 virtual sound quality and ambient noise cancellation. The soft ear pads make you comfortable and the bendable microphone allows you to communicate freely with other players. What's more, the colorful RGB backlighting gives the headset a unique character.


Optimal sound quality for every gamer

You'll never be caught off guard by your opponents again. The EH745 almost literally surrounds you with sound - the 7.1 system provides superior surround sound quality, so you can pinpoint your opponents' positions and react to their every move instantly. You won't be a threat to a sneaking enemy - you'll hear them instantly!


Focus on the game

Unnecessary sounds distract you and prevent you from focusing on the game? Dareu EH745 will help you solve this problem! With ENC noise reduction, unwanted sounds are muted. Nothing can distract you from your game anymore!


Perfect design

The headphones feature a stylish yet ergonomic design. Soft earcups are made of skin-friendly materials. They fit perfectly to your ears and provide comfort of use even for long hours. Headphones also have colorful RGB backlighting, which gives them their fantastic gaming character.




Brand Dareu
Model EH745
Connection Wired
Backlight RGB
Noise reduction ENC
Virtual surround sound 7.1
Impedance 24±15%Ω
Sensitivity 100±3dB
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
Speaker diameter 50mm
Weight 335+10g
Dimensions 187x161x91mm
Diameter of microphone driver 6mm
Microphone sensitivity -42±3dB
Microphone Directionality Omnidirectional
Microphone output impedance 2.2KΩ
Microphone frequency response 100~10kHz
Total harmonic distortion of the microphone ≦5%
Color Black and red
Input USB



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