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UGREEN 40265 Portable HDMI signal amplifier

  • UGREEN 40265 Portable HDMI signal amplifier
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UGREEN 40265 HDMI Signal Amplifier

The UGREEN 40265 portable HDMI signal booster features a maximum transmission range of 60m, made possible by the built-in Maxim chip. It supports resolutions as high as 1080p, while guaranteeing perfect synchronization of video and audio. Easy to use and robust - it will prove itself in many applications.


Reliable long-range transmission

The advanced Maxim chip sensationally amplifies the HDMI signal, extending the device's range up to 60m. The maximum transmission distance depends on the AWG standard of your cable. For fast and stable signal transmission are also responsible gold-plated amplifier sockets. Thanks to them you can enjoy a reliable transmission of excellent quality.


Create a cinema in your home

The amplifier supports 1080p resolution. It also provides perfect synchronization of video and sound. Thanks to this you can successfully use it, for example, in your home cinema. So with the UGREEN 40265 you can comfortably watch your favorite movies and series. Excellent image quality combined with top quality audio will certainly delight you!


Simple installation

Using the device is fabulously easy. The amplifier is plug&play, so all you have to do is connect it properly. Forget about complicated configuration or searching for required drivers! The built-in LED indicator makes the product easy to use, indicating its status.


Durable, pocketable, practical

The product is made of high-grade zinc alloy, which gives it exceptional durability. You don't have to worry about its accidental damage. The amplifier is also incredibly compact - you can easily fit it in your bag or backpack and take it anywhere you need it. Its great capabilities make you can use it almost anywhere - not only at home, but also at work for example.




Name HDMI Signal Amplifier
Model 40265
Interface Golden
Housing Zinc alloy
Chip Maxim
Resolution 1920x1080p
Signal extending range Up to 60m
Dimensions 24x52 mm



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