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UGREEN AV133 RCA (Cinch) male to male cable - 1m (grey)

  • UGREEN AV133 RCA (Cinch) male to male cable - 1m (grey)
  • UGREEN AV133 RCA (Cinch) male to male cable - 1m (grey)
  • UGREEN AV133 RCA (Cinch) male to male cable - 1m (grey)
  • UGREEN AV133 RCA (Cinch) male to male cable - 1m (grey)
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Functional cable AV133 - unrivalled quality and reliability

The RCA cable UGREEN AV133 offers thousands of extraordinary possibilities. Gold plated connectors provide a perfect connection and the nylon braided shell protects the cable from damage. The product offers exceptional picture and sound quality, reliable transmission and wide compatibility.




Thousands of possibilities

Take advantage of the many possibilities offered by this practical cable. Connect your speakers to your TV and turn on your favorite band's concert to enjoy clear, loud and clear sound. You can also connect your DVD to the TV to watch fascinating movies and series in excellent quality.




Say goodbye to interference and problems

The cable provides a stable, reliable transmission. Its copper core is equipped with double protection to eliminate possible interference. Whatever you do, you can enjoy fantastic picture and sound without even the slightest connection problems.




Carefully constructed connectors

The gold-plated connectors are designed in such a way that when connected, they are securely stuck in the right place, do not loose and do not fall out. They are also resistant to wear. Thanks to them you can always count on a stable, trouble-free connection.




Exceptional durability

Metal protection not only protects the cable components, but also gives it an elegant character. Particularly sensitive areas are equipped with a bend resistant cover that prevents damage. That is not all! The braided, nylon coating protects the cable from damage, which means that you can use it for a long time.




Name RCA Male to Male Coaxial Cable Copper Case Cotton Braid
Model AV133
Connector Gold-plated
Conductor Pure copper
Material Braided nylon
Type RCA
Length 1 m


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