Roidmi Eve Plus smart vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot

  • Roidmi Eve Plus smart vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot
  • Roidmi Eve Plus smart vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot
  • Roidmi Eve Plus smart vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot
  • Roidmi Eve Plus smart vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot
  • Roidmi Eve Plus smart vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot
  • Roidmi Eve Plus smart vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot
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Roidmi Eve Plus smart cleaning robot

Roidmi Eve Plus is a smart cleaning robot with emptying station that will thoroughly clean the floors in your home. It allows you to vacuum and mop at the same time, and with its built-in LDS laser, it is perfect for any room. The suction power of 2700Pa guarantees exceptional efficiency. You can conveniently operate it with an app or even by voice - it is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, among others. The vacuum cleaner empties the waste container itself, saving you the trouble and contact with dirt.


Fantastic to find its way into your home

The device is equipped with an intelligent navigation system and an LDS laser that allows it to intelligently and precisely scan rooms to map them. Eve Plus optimally plans cleaning routes and avoids obstacles and falls thanks to advanced sensors. It also detects the height of furniture and only drives in where it is not in danger of getting stuck. It can also climb over obstacles up to 2cm high, such as thresholds, for example. All this means that it will thoroughly clean your entire home - almost nothing will stop it!


Effectively vacuums every corner

Roidmi Eve Plus will thoroughly vacuum every corner of your home. Its brushless high performance motor, movable brush and suction power of up to 2700 Pa are the guarantee of its efficiency. It will handle even the most troublesome crumbs and dust without any problem. What's more, the TOF sensor detects when the robot is near walls and edges and automatically adjusts the side brush rotation to precisely scrape the debris from these areas too - no corners will be left dirty!


Washes floors for you

The robot also allows you to wet mop your floors. Its intelligent water tank is electronically controlled to ensure even water release. This ensures that the mop pad is always optimally moistened and you don't have to worry about streaking. With a capacity of 250ml, you can clean an area of up to 250 m2, so the Eve Plus is also suitable for large homes. You can also adjust the water volume level. The 3 available modes are suitable for various applications - they allow you to clean panels and even dirty, greasy kitchen tiles.


With the app you can do more

Dedicated application gives you a lot of possibilities to control the device. It saves the maps created by the robot, which you can manage - name the rooms, combine them, divide, as well as set up virtual walls and forbidden zones. You can also plan cleaning schedules. Daily vacuuming of the whole apartment and washing the kitchen floor every other day? Or maybe complex cleaning of the floor every Thursday? The decision is up to you!


It will dispose of the trash from its container by itself

The robot automatically empties the waste container. Thanks to the 379mm long shortened air duct located at the back of the unit, the risk of blockage is reduced. It also provides greater efficiency and lower noise levels. The trash bag has a capacity of 3l, so you only need to change it once a month and will be reminded by the smart touch display of the emptying station. What's more, the unit has a deodorization function that eliminates odor and prevents mold.


Clean your whole house on one charge

Eve Plus can run for up to 250 minutes on a single charge. This is long enough to thoroughly clean a total floor area of 250m2. Its 5200mAh battery and intelligent BMS management system are responsible for such impressive performance. That's not all! If the robot starts to run low during cleaning, it will automatically return to the docking station, recharge, and then continue cleaning from where it left off. You no longer have to worry about anything!


You can also operate it with voice commands

Do you want to control your robot even more conveniently? No problem! Roidmi Eve Plus is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which means you can control it by voice. With just a few simple words, you can start cleaning, stop it, or send the device back to the docking station. Even if you don't have a smartphone at hand, you can control the Eve Plus without moving from your chair!


More benefits

The device impresses with its stylish design and solid workmanship. High-quality materials used in the production process guarantee its durability. Moreover, regular OTA updates allow you to constantly improve its algorithms, optimizing your user experience. This also allows the robot to clean in an increasingly intelligent way. Durable, elegant and reliable - with Roidmi Eve Plus you will take care of the cleanliness of your home in a simple and pleasant way.


In the box

  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner x1
  • Automatic Suction Station x1
  • Water Tank x1
  • Side Brush x2
  • Single-use mop x10
  • Mop x1
  • Dust bag x3




Brand Roidmi
Name Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner with Cleaning Base
Suction Power Max. 2700Pa
Recommended cleaning area Up to 250m2
Hight of obstacles Up to 2cm
Battery 5200mAh
Charging time About 250 minutes
Cleaning time About 250 minutes
Water tank capacity About 250ml
Waste tank capacity 300ml
Emptying station power 850W
Robot power 50W
Robot weight About 3.5kg
Robot dimensions 355x355x100mm
Emptying station weight About 4.3kg
Emptying station dimensions 358x300x174mm
Trash bag capacity 3l



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