Weighing Scale BlitzWolf BW-SC2

  • Weighing Scale BlitzWolf BW-SC2
  • Weighing Scale BlitzWolf BW-SC2
  • Weighing Scale BlitzWolf BW-SC2
  • Weighing Scale BlitzWolf BW-SC2
  • Weighing Scale BlitzWolf BW-SC2
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Blitzwolf BW-SC2 bathroom scale

The elegant bathroom scale BW-SC2 guarantees precise measurement in the range of 5-180kg. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) - is distinguished by a working time of up to a year. The easy to read LED display provides you with the most important information. The scale is also fabulously easy to use and durable.


High precision

The device is equipped with a sensitive sensor that provides incredible precision measurements. BW-SC2 weighs with an accuracy of 0.1kg. It also allows weighing in pounds. In this case, it supports a range of 11.0-396.8Ib. It also weighs with an accuracy of 0.2Ib.


Amazingly long runtime

The scale requires 3 AAA batteries to power it, which must be purchased separately. Replace them once every 9-12 months - BW-SC2 is characterized by very low power consumption. It will serve you perfectly for a long time. Don't be afraid to buy batteries too often!



Using the scale is extremely simple. BW-SC2 starts automatically when you stand on it or place an object weighing at least 5kg. To change the unit in which the measurement is taken, simply press the button. Moreover, the 74x29mm LED screen not only displays the measurement results, but also indicates low battery and possible overcharging.


Stunning design

The scale features a simple yet stylish design. The rounded corners, navy blue color and U-shaped stripes give it a sleek, modern feel. The device is also extremely durable. It was covered with 5 mm thick tempered glass, which provides it with resistance to damage.




Brand Blitzwolf
Model BW-SC2
Dimensions 300x300x22mm
Working voltage DC4.5V
Activation weight >=5kg
Weighing range 5-180kg
Display LCD
Working temperature -10-60°C
Material Toughened glass + ABS
Weight 1.3 kg
Working current <1mA
Unit Kg/Lb/St
Power supply 3x AAA battery (not included)
Certifications CE, RoHS



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