Fill light Blitzwolf BW-SL7

  • Fill light Blitzwolf BW-SL7
  • Fill light Blitzwolf BW-SL7
  • Fill light Blitzwolf BW-SL7
  • Fill light Blitzwolf BW-SL7
  • Fill light Blitzwolf BW-SL7
18 months.
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Blitzwolf BW-SL7 Portable Lamp

The BW-SL7 collapsible, portable lamp will work for many applications. With 5 levels of light brightness, 3 color temperature values and 3 lighting groups, you can customize its performance to suit your needs. 90° adjustable and easy to use, you can also control it wirelessly with the remote control. The durable rechargeable battery provides up to 16 hours of runtime.


Perfectly thought-out design

The lamp is small and foldable. It weighs only 288g, so it will not burden your bag or backpack. You can have it always on hand - at home, during an outdoor session, and even on the go, where it will help you, for example, to create an interesting vlog. The universal 1/4″ thread placed on its bottom makes it compatible with most tripods or selfie sticks.


Customize lighting to suit your needs

The BW-SL7 will shine the way you need it to. The 5-step brightness adjustment and 3-step color temperature adjustment allow you to customize the lighting to suit current conditions and your artistic vision. You can also choose which parts of the lamp will generate light - one, two or all three.


Easy operation - remote control capability

The operation of the device is fabulously simple. The power button is used to turn the lamp on and off. You can also use it to adjust the color temperature of the light. The second button allows you to adjust the brightness of the light. Remote control of BW-SL7 is also possible. For this you can use a small wireless remote control.


Long run time

To charge the lamp's long-lasting battery, 4 hours is enough. After that, BW-SL7 can shine for about 4 hours in high brightness mode, up to 8 hours in medium brightness mode or up to 16 hours in low brightness mode. Such a high performance device will certainly meet your expectations and allow you to record an original movie, take many great photos or quietly read a book.




Brand Blitzwolf
Model BW-SL7
Power 8W
Tripod connector Universal 1/4 thread
Light color Warm white, cool white, mixed
Charging USB
Input voltage 5V
Input current 2A
Weight 288g
Dimensions 43x43x185mm
Capacity 2850mAh
Working time 4/8/16h
Charging time 4h



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