Deerma TB880 Spray Mop

  • Deerma TB880 Spray Mop
  • Deerma TB880 Spray Mop
  • Deerma TB880 Spray Mop
  • Deerma TB880 Spray Mop
  • Deerma TB880 Spray Mop
  • Deerma TB880 Spray Mop
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Deerma 2-in-1 Spray Mop TB880

The TB880 mop with a spray is a convenient-to-use tool that will help you take even better care of your cleaning. It is suitable for cleaning various types of floors, and thanks to its 280ml water tank, it is also suitable for large homes. Lightweight and easy to use, it allows you to clean thoroughly without much effort. The washer has a reach of 110cm and thanks to the ability to use TB880 with disinfectants, you can take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.


Perfectly thought-out design - efficient cleaning and time saving

The mop is 37.5cm wide, which means you can thoroughly clean the surfaces throughout your home without wasting too much time. Its 3-layer construction will make your floors sparkle clean. The carbon layer effectively removes dust, the fiber layer eliminates dirt and prevents streaking, and the adhesive layer ensures the mop pad is securely attached to the device.


Effective and safe cleaning of various types of floors

The Deerma TB880 is suitable for cleaning various types of surfaces. With the help of this practical device, you will thoroughly wash the panels, marble, tiles and more. Get rid of dust, stains and other dirt in no time, without risking damage to your floor!


Practical long-range washer

The washer function allows you to take even better care of the perfect condition of your floors. A slightly dampened surface is much easier to clean. The risk of mould is also reduced. Simply press the handle - the built-in atomising pump releases a water mist within just 0.1 seconds. The long reach of the washer ensures greater cleaning efficiency and allows you to effectively get rid of even the most stubborn stains.


Suitable for small and large apartments

The product is equipped with a 280ml water tank. When it is completely filled, you can use the washer up to 250 times, covering a total floor area of up to 100m2. The Deerma TB880 is therefore suitable not only for small, but also for larger homes.


Keep yourself and your family healthy

Get rid of bacteria and viruses. You can add disinfectant to the TB880 water tank to take advantage of the ability to clean and sterilize your floors at the same time. This is a great way to eliminate harmful agents and create not only a clean, but also a safe environment in your home.


Stylish, practical, durable

The device draws attention with its elegant, minimalist design that makes it the perfect addition to any home. However, the mop is not only stylish, but also practical. The thickness of the mop head is just 10mm, so you can even clean under furniture. The stainless steel rod is extremely durable and resistant to damage - so TB880 will serve you well for many years.


In the box

  • Complete machine
  • Mop
  • User manual




Brand Deerma
Name Spray mop
Model DEM-TB880
Water tank capacity 280ml
Dimensions 375x152x1246mm
Material ABS, PET, stainless steel



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