Charger SkyRC iMax B6AC V2

  • Charger SkyRC iMax B6AC V2
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Many possibilities

SkyRC B6AC V2 is an improved version of all the well-known iMax B6AC V1 charger. Compared to the B6AC V1 version, it is more stable and accurate and has several new features. Users can set the voltage of the charger themselves and control it with a PC. The charger has a current limit sensor, a built-in resistance meter and a lithium-ion battery meter, a temperature and charging time limit that makes the charger much safer than V1. SkyRC B6AC + V2 is a high class microprocessor-based charger/charger that is suitable for all types of batteries (LiPo, LiFE, Lilon). Maximum charging current is 6A and maximum power is 50A.

Wejście balansera 2-6XH

Different operating modes and control from the PC

The user has the ability to monitor voltage in packages, individual purposes and many other functions for which I have a graphical preview thanks to the recommended application from SkyRC.






Power Cable                                       

Weight 632 g
Input voltage AC100-240 V /DC 11-18 V
Max. Charging 50 W
Max. Discharge 5 W
Charging current range 0.1-6 A
Discharge current range 0.1-2 A
Battery voltage PB 2-20 V
LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/LiHV number of cells charged 1-6 S
NiMH/NiCd number of cells charged 1-15 S

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