Power supply SkyRC eFuel 50A/1200W

  • Power supply SkyRC eFuel 50A/1200W
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Product description

Power and capability

The 1200W output power supply supports 15-30V and has a built-in PFC which is an important aspect of all power supplies. eFuel is ideal for high voltage and three-port chargers as well as other devices. The 100-240V power range allows universal use without the need to set the DC port. High power and functional design allows you to take the power supply on the road and on the road.


The main DC port is powered up to 50 amps, in addition the power supply has three output ports with the possibility of switching on and off. Thanks to this solution, the power supply gives many power supply possibilities. On the right side of the power supply there are also two USB ports for powering external devices (e.g. smartphone or tablet). On the left side there is a main power switch.

Easy to use

The model of the eFuel power supply has a convenient knob for adjusting the voltage from 15 to 30 V. In turn, a clear LCD screen displays the current output voltage and current, which greatly facilitates operation of the PSU. The universal AC power supply of 100 - 240 V makes it possible to use the PSU all over the world without the need for mains adapters.

Input PFC
An active PFC input means less interference with the AC supply. It is the circuit responsible for the change/recorrection of the power factor value, i.e. the change of phase shift angle between the voltage current. The phase shift between current and voltage causes reactive power.






Power supply
Power Cable                                              

Weight 3008 g
AC input voltage 100-240 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Output voltage 15-30 V DC ± 0.5 V
Output current 50A ± 1A
Overload protection ≤ 51 A 500 MS
Input Fuse 20A Fuse
Voltage Precision ±0.3V
Current Precision ±0.5A
Pulse charging current 30-300 mA & OFF

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