SkyRC TORO TS50 Sensored ESC Rotation controller

  • SkyRC TORO TS50 Sensored ESC Rotation controller
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Product description

Power and technology

SkyRC TORO TS50 is a lightweight, small size regulator, designed for 1/10 scale Buggy and Tournig models. A big advantage of the regulator is an electronic power button. It is powered by batteries LiPo 2s or NiMH 4-6S, and its BEC value is 6V/2A. It has a well done throttle and brake control function. The TS50 controller is easy to program using the Program Box or SkyLink.


SkyRC Toro TS50 has an aluminum housing and heat sink that effectively dissipates heat. Connection cables have a solid silicone braid. One of the key advantages of the Toro TS50 regulator is the electronic power button, which works reliably compared to a mechanical button.

High quality of workmanship

SkyRC Toro TS50 is made of the highest quality materials. All elements are perfectly matched to each other which ensures long life and trouble-free operation. Aluminum housing with heat sink effectively dissipates heat and electronic power button ensures comfortable operation.

Communication with PC

SkyRC Toro TS50 has as many as 10 user profiles so you can quickly change the operating mode of the controller. All settings can be exported and imported so you can compare and analyze the results. The software can be updated through a dedicated application. Programming can be done through an optional SkyLink and ProgBox module. Thanks to this solution, the user can perform a number of functions, according to strict guidelines






Connection elements
Direct current / instantaneous current: 50A / 500A
Compatible motor: brushless / sensorless
4-6S NiMH lub 2S LiPo ≥ 8.5T (1/10 Touring Car) ≥ 11.5T (1/10 Buggy)
Rezistase: 0.0006ohm
Packet: 4-6 S NiMH 2 S LiPo
Output BEC: 6V @ 2A
Weight: 60 g


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