SkyRC Leopard V2 60A regulator

  • SkyRC Leopard V2 60A regulator
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Product description

Many possibilities

Leopard 60A is a high quality regulator for 1/10th scale models. The speed controller has been specially designed to use as much of its power and potential. High quality cooling, on the other hand, ensures optimum operation without worrying about the regulator overheating.

Wiring diagram

The connection diagram below shows how to connect all electronic components in the model.


Working type Fwd/Brk lub Fwd/Bra/Rev
Power supply 2-3S LiPo, 4-8S NiCd/NiMh
Resistance 0.001 Ohm
Constant/peak current 60A/90A
Power 2S LiPo / 3S LiPo
Protection against overheating
Dimensions 51,6 x 30 x 27,4 mm
Weight 78 g

For motors

On Road:≥9.0T Off Road:≥10.0T
On Road:≥10.0T Off Road:≥13.0T



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