SkyRC Cheetah 1:10 + ESC 60A regulator + 8.5T engine + programming card

  • SkyRC Cheetah 1:10 + ESC 60A regulator + 8.5T engine + programming card
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12 months.
8 pcs
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Product description

Many possibilities
SkyRC Cheetah is a brushless set in RTR version. The kit includes a brushless controller and motor and programming card. Sets are dedicated for 1/10 scale. After connecting the regulator with the programming card you can change many settings according to your current needs.

Small size and modern design is what characterizes Cheetah controller. ESC also has a built-in electric power button. In turn, high quality cooling ensures optimal operation without worrying about overheating the regulator.

Compatibility and personalization

The controller cooperates with sensorless and sensorless motors. On the other hand, the easy-to-use programming card allows to adjust the regulator according to current needs.

Different configurations

SkyRC Cheetah drive sets are offered in five engine combinations, so that every user will find the right configuration for himself. Motor versions: 8.5 T - 4000 KV, 10.5 T 3250 KV, 13.5T - 2590 KV, 17.5T - 1870 KV, 21.5T - 1600 KV.

Rugged construction

Cheetah series motors are equipped with high quality neodymium magnets, copper wires and stator. The drive shaft has a diameter of 3,175 mm.

Engine section

Engine specifications



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