Gyroscope for RC Car Models SkyRC Gyro GC301

  • Gyroscope for RC Car Models SkyRC Gyro GC301
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Product description

Even greater stability

SkyRC GC301-Gyro is dedicated for RC cars. The device uses a gyroscope sensor and a special algorithm to adjust the position of the wheels to provide even better stability and driving characteristics. With GC301 the model is even more agile and easier to control.

Small dimensions - Low weight.

The GC301 is extremely lightweight and small, so it can be used on any scale model without fear of being too heavy or significantly increasing its weight.

Main functions

Control system adjustment for even better control. This makes cornering possible at even higher speeds and makes the model even more stable while driving.

Remote control allows you to adjust the power through a 3-channel transmitter or through a trimmer on the device.

Description of the elements GC301






Moduł GC301
Working voltage: 4 - 8.4 V
Current consumption: 25 mA
Operating temperature range: -10ºC +45ºC
Weight: 3.6 g

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