Heater for combustion engines SkyRC

  • Heater for combustion engines SkyRC
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Product description

Technology from F1

SkyRC engine heater uses technology used in formula 1, Nascar and other races. Thanks to the heater the engine will reach 60-70°C in 10 minutes. It also heats the most delicate parts of the engine, so you do not have to worry about the state of the engine during races. Thanks to the heater, the engine also has a so-called smooth start, which increases its life and reduces fuel consumption, it also has a positive effect on the candle by increasing its life.

Small, compact, lightweight

The heater is small and lightweight, so we can easily take it with us for competitions, training or recreational riding.

Easy to use

The LED indicates the current status of the device (flashing signal - low voltage, constant signal - heating), and a convenient on/off button allows for quick start-up.

Application example


MCU control - heat-up time and power protection for maximum safety
Timer - automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of operation
Built-in temperature sensor - for controlling the heating power
Fireproof material
Fits all internal combustion engines in size 19-26
Small size and low weight for easy transport





The heater
Plug-in cable XT60          

Input voltage: 12 V/DC
Power: 90 W
Czas podgrzeWarm-up timewania: ~ 10 min 
Low voltage cutoff: 9 - 10 V
Dimensionsr: 63 (diameter) x 50 (The amount) mm
Weight: 65 g

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