Tira luminosa de extensión LED (1 m)

  • Tira luminosa de extensión LED (1 m)
  • Tira luminosa de extensión LED (1 m)
  • Tira luminosa de extensión LED (1 m)
  • Tira luminosa de extensión LED (1 m)
  • Tira luminosa de extensión LED (1 m)
  • Tira luminosa de extensión LED (1 m)
  • Tira luminosa de extensión LED (1 m)
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24 months.
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Go beyond ordinary lighting patterns| Flexible LED strip | Many colors | Wi-Fi


Yeelight LED Lightstrip Extension

The Yeelight Lightstrip Extension is a 100cm extension of the 1S LED Lightstrip - allowing the strip to reach a maximum length of 10m on a single power supply. The simple design and easy connection will make it easy to install it anywhere by yourself. Now, thanks to the extension, you will get the range of LED tape you need to best adjust the lighting to your needs.




Durable and rugged

Mercury-free PU gel means that the LED strip adapts its shape to any form. It has an extremely flexible structure, which not only protects the diodes of the strip but also subject during installation, making it much easier. 




Easy installation

The adhesive tape on the back of the LED strip has been designed for easy installation. The product is ready for assembly - just remove the top of the tape and glue the diodes to the appropriate place.




Decorate it with whatever you want

Due to its flexibility, the strip can be installed wherever you need it. Behind the TV, around the picture, under the bed and in many other places. Thanks to the strip, you will not only brighten the room, but also decorate your home and create the atmosphere you want.




Synchronize music with LED strip

With the YEELIGHT app, you can combine the rhythm of music with light, creating an amazing atmosphere.




Practical capabilities

You can turn the strip on or off using the button, or change the color by a long press. Quite convenient solution at night when you can't find your smartphone. 




Integrate the strip with the rest of the lighting in the house

The strip can be integrated with other Xiaomi EcoSystem products. It can also work with other devices.




Create your own atmosphere

From blue to orange, from night to daylight. Use ready-made settings from the YEELIGHT application - it will give you quick access to many colors corresponding to different moods. You can also add selected compositions to your favorites. You can easily change the mood in your home by setting the temperature and color of light. Use tape to build a romantic atmosphere wherever you like.




The device is compatible with the HomeKit application, Alexa, Google assistant and Siri Shortcuts, so you can control your lighting using your voice, even faster and easier. Just say a simple command and the lighting will work as you need it.




Product type YLOT01YL
Power 2,1 W 
Length 1m



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