Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 (white)

  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 (white)
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 (white)
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 (white)
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 (white)
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 (white)
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 (white)
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 (white)
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 (white)
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 (white)
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 480 (white)
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24 months.
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New dimension in home lighting

Yeelight Galaxy gives a larger lighting area, allows you to adjust the color temperature and brightness. Illuminates every corner of the room up to 20m². Thanks to the unique surface of the lampshade, you can get the effect of a starry sky in your bedroom or living room. It will emphasize the decor of your home and give it a special and unique atmosphere.




For every occasion

Galaxy has a moonlight mode with the ability to control shades and brightness. It is a great choice for lighting in the evening and at night, because it emits a soft and pleasant light, perfect for watching TV or relaxing.




True Color for Natural Lighting

The color rendering index is 95 Ra, which means that it reproduces colors exactly as they would appear in natural sunlight.




Customize as needed

Adjust the color temperature from 2700K to 6000K. Colors below 3200K emit a warm glow, while 3300K to 5300K present neutral light, which is correct when relaxing or resting. Above 5300K the light is cool, very helpful during concentration and work.




Easy to keep clean

The shade has a multilayer shield construction. As a result, the lamp remains shiny and clean, and is protected against small insects and dust.





Quick Installation

Installation of a traditional ceiling lamp is cumbersome and time-consuming, because it can take up to 40 minutes. With Galaxy you will avoid this problem. The innovative design of the stand has a special lock that holds the lamp in place. Simple installation and equally simple disassembly. Downloading or cleaning is finally available in the blink of an eye.




Modern solutions

The device is compatible with Alexa, Siri Shortcuts and Google Assistant. Easily manage the light using your voice or smartphone or tablet. One click or voice command can change the color, brightness and adjust current settings, even from the comfort of your bed. Bluetooth technology allows wireless management without any interference. In addition, you can also control your lighting with the help of a remote control, which, due to its durability, requires changing the battery only once a year, assuming that you will use it up to 40 times a day.





Lamp remote control 

The set also includes a remote control that allows you to quickly and easily control the lamp: switching on, off, adjusting the level of brightness and color of the light, without having to start the application. The durable battery allows up to a year of use.




Product type YLXD17YL W
Color White
Size 80 × 480 mm
Color Rendering Index 90 Ra, 95Ra dla 4000K
Brightness 0.1-1800lm, 2200 lm (dla 4000 K)
Color Temperature  2700 - 6000 K
Power 32W
Coverage 20m2
Connection WiFi (802.11 b/g/n 2,4 GHz), Bluetooth 4.2, BLE
Software Android 4.4, iOS 8.0 i wyższe
Voltage 200V-240V~50/60Hz
Accessories Remote control included
Lifetime 25000h



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