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Soporte de coche para tablet UGREEN (negro)

  • Soporte de coche para tablet UGREEN (negro)
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High-quality UGREEN headrest holder for tablets

The UGREEN tablet holder is mounted on the headrest to entertain rear-seat passengers on long, tiring journeys. It allows you to watch movies or fairy tales in comfort, without having to hold the tablet in your hand.





360° Adjustment

With the 360° adjustment, you can set your smartphone's position at an angle that makes it comfortable and comfortable for you.




Easy installation

Easy and quick installation of the bracket will not cause you or your friends any problems. The handle is made of high-quality materials, so you can even use it every day without worrying about quick wear.






Model LP160
Material ABS, silicone
Color Black
Mounting range 101-144 mm, diameter <15 mm
Type of mounting Headrest
Compatibility Devices with 4,7-12,9"
Clamp range 136-225 mm


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