LED Yeelight Smart Bulb 1S RGB (Color) - E27

  • LED Yeelight Smart Bulb 1S RGB (Color) - E27
  • LED Yeelight Smart Bulb 1S RGB (Color) - E27
  • LED Yeelight Smart Bulb 1S RGB (Color) - E27
  • LED Yeelight Smart Bulb 1S RGB (Color) - E27
  • LED Yeelight Smart Bulb 1S RGB (Color) - E27
  • LED Yeelight Smart Bulb 1S RGB (Color) - E27
  • LED Yeelight Smart Bulb 1S RGB (Color) - E27
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Yeelight 1S RGB - Your Smart Lightning

The Yeelight 1S RGB smart bulb will allow you to create your own smart home. You can control it with your voice or application and decide what color temperature and power it should shine, as well as when it should turn on and off, thanks to the option of setting the timer. It is compatible with the Apple HomeKit application, Samsung SmartThings and Google Assistant. Choose from 16 million colors and synchronize it with the music for an even better effect.


Amazing experience during the game

Yeelight's cooperation with the well-known manufacturer of Razer gaming equipment has resulted in successful integration with the Razer Chroma™ RGB system. As a result, you can enjoy a unique, immersive gaming experience, whose dynamics will be further enhanced by an extraordinary spectacle of lights.




Improved in every inch

The new generation of Yeelight Intelligent Light Bulb is equipped with highly integrated colored light beads, allowing even better light dispersion. Its light efficiency is 94 lm / w, and energy consumption is 15% lower than in the previous generation bulb, which allows for even greater energy savings.




Voice control

Yeelight 1S RGB is compatible with Google, Alexa and Siri Assistants (can also be operated via Apple HomeKit), so you can easily and conveniently control it with your voice. All you have to do is say the appropriate command and the bulb will turn on or off. You decide how the command sounds by setting it in the application.




Adjust the color

Set the right atmosphere for every situation by adjusting the light temperature. Enjoy the colors of different seasons depending on your needs - from a warm sunny day to cool winter evenings.




Create the right atmosphere

Change the mood of the room with one click or with a voice assistant. Adjust the lighting to the situation and enjoy the moment. It doesn't matter if you feel like taking a nap or do some work - Yeelight will help you create the perfect conditions for every situation.




Synchronize with music

Using the YEELIGHT application, you can combine the rhythm of music with light, creating even better conditions for fun. Perfect for any event and meetings with loved ones.




Group together and control all at once

You can control individual bulbs, or combine them into groups and adjust all at a single touch. Control the lighting in your home by remote control - even when you're outside. 




Control your lighting from anywhere

Thanks to the Yeelight app for iOS and Android, you can remotely control the lighting wherever you are using a smartphone or tablet. Not sure if you turned off all the lights before you left the house? Or maybe you forgot to leave the light on to your pet? Now you can control it from anywhere outside the home.




 Adjust the settings depending on the time of day

Getting up at 7am is a problem for you? Program the lights so that they glow brighter until the alarm sounds. If you do not like falling asleep in the dark, set the light bulb in a way that it goes out after a few minutes from going to bed.



In The Box

  • User manual 



Model YLDP13YL
Cap E27
Rated power  <8.5 W 
Voltage 220V-240V~50/60Hz
Brightness 800lm, 5~100%
Color temperature 1700 - 6500K
Color rendering index >80Ra
Efficiency 100 lm/W
Connectivity WiFi (802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz)
Software Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 and higher
Lifetime 25 000h


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