Duracell Alcalina Baterias Ultra Power LR6/AA 4 pcs

  • Duracell Alcalina Baterias Ultra Power LR6/AA 4 pcs
3,00 €
21 pcs
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Up to 20 Times Longer


Duracell Ultra is multifunctional batteries ideal for devices requiring a reliable power source. Duracell batteries also last up to 20 times longer than the leading tin batteries. Duralock technology allows you to maintain the power of unused batteries for up to 10 years, and a high-quality nylon top cap prevents battery leakage. Another advantage of Duracell Ultra is the unique Powercheck, which allows you to quickly and easily check the remaining power level.













Producent Duracell
Series Ultra
Voltage 1,5 V
Type AA
Number per package 4 pcs



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