Petoneer Smart Play Ball para mascotas

  • Petoneer Smart Play Ball para mascotas
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12 months.
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Smart toy for your pet

Petoneer Smartball is a modern entertainment for your pet. Equipping the ball with a motor, red light and catnip container guarantees your cat's constant interest. The toy can be conveniently recharged via micro USB and the powerful 320 mAh battery guarantees a long working time. The ball also has an advanced microchip, which is responsible for constantly changing the direction of its movements, stimulating your pet to activity and providing him with great fun.




Easy to use

The ball is equipped with an incredibly accurate motion sensor. Thanks to this, all you have to do is shake it to turn it on or off. This makes its operation fabulously simple and quick. Just shake the toy, place it on the floor and watch your cat chase after it, having fun in the process.




Power saving mode and long run time

A special microprocessor makes the toy go into standby mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. This, combined with a powerful battery, guarantees a long operating time. It reaches up to 5 hours. That's a lot of great entertainment for your cat! A luminous indicator light informs you about the battery status.




Intelligent fun

By processing information about its surroundings, Smartball is able to adapt its speed and movement to the space it's in. It can also automatically make sudden changes in direction when it detects an obstacle. The ball will spontaneously stop and move, roll straight or turn - the possibilities are almost endless. This will make your pet's involvement in the play even greater.




Scent and visual stimuli

The built-in, eye-friendly LED light is much safer than standard laser toys. It allows you to catch your pet's attention very quickly and stimulate them into activity. The surprises don't end there! The built-in catnip container allows you to put a small amount of catnip in the ball to get your pet even more interested. Smartball affects the cat's nose and eyesight!




Carefully thought-out design

The product design combines interesting style and functionality. The device is equipped with a Micro USB input for charging, a hidden button which prevents the toy from being accidentally switched off, as well as a DC motor which, despite its small size, ensures high performance. The ball is also extremely cute - the cat paw pattern leaves no doubt as to who it is meant for!



In the box

 Play Ball
USB cable




Model PBL010
Diameter 71 mm
Weight 94 g
Battery LiPo 320 mAh
Work time About 5 hours
Interface Micro USB


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