Case PGYTECH do DJI Mavic Air 2 / Air 2s (P-16A-030)

  • Case PGYTECH do DJI Mavic Air 2 / Air 2s (P-16A-030)
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Capacious PGYTECH bag
With a view to storing the Mavic Air 2 / Air 2s and transporting it, PGYTECH has created a bag that is not only durable and lightweight but also capable of holding many things. Inside there are dedicated compartments for the drone and its accessories, which protect the contents from damage during transport. The bag is stylish, and the possibility of hanging a strap allows you to comfortably hang it on your shoulder.

The PGYTECH bag is made of durable, wear-resistant EVA foam, which, thanks to its softness, has high impact absorption. This material allows the bag to be used in extremely low temperatures as low as -25 degrees. Additionally, its outer layer is covered with waterproof TPU material, which effectively protects the bag from rain or snow.

Safety during transport
Inside the bag, there are special compartments for components such as Mavic Air 2 / Air 2s, controls, 3 intelligent batteries, intelligent charger, battery charging hub, 4 propellers, and a cover for the gimbal. The partitions are made of soft and delicate EVA foam, which protects objects from scratches. The recesses are perfectly matched to the drone and the accessories so that things inside are immobilized during the journey, which effectively protects them from damage.

The bag has an IP34 protection level, which means that no small foreign objects can get inside, and in addition, the bag effectively protects the contents from rain, so regardless of the season and weather, you can use it confidently in all conditions.

Producent PGYTECH
Product code P-16A-030
Material PU, EVA foam
Compatibility All action cameras, mobile phones, small photography lights, microphones
Weight 510g
Dimensions 289 x 225 x 115 mm
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