Faro delantero Supfire HL05-X con interruptor sin contacto, USB, 117lm, 65m

  • Faro delantero Supfire HL05-X con interruptor sin contacto, USB, 117lm, 65m
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12 months.
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Outdoor flashlight

The Supfire HL05 is a compact headlamp that you can take anywhere with you. It will fit in your pocket, backpack, handbag or even a sachet. The headband allows you to put the flashlight on your head and use it when you need both hands free. In addition, thanks to the ability to adjust the position of the flashlight within 60 degrees, we can adjust the angle of incidence of light to our own needs.

Touchless switch

The flashlight is equipped with a non-contact switch that allows you to turn on the flashlight by waving your hand in front of the flashlight. This function is especially useful when you have dirty hands or dirty gloves that make it very difficult to press the switch.

Fast charging

The flashlight is powered by one BK9502535 battery with a capacity of 800 mAh. The battery can be quickly recharged using the micro USB port. You do not need a special charger to charge the flashlight - just plug the micro USB cable into the powerbank, charger or computer. During charging, the red light will indicate that the battery is charging, and when the battery is charged, the light will turn green.

Strong light

The powerful JINGRUI XD-3535 LED provides strong light and has a long life, so you do not have to worry about frequent replacement of the LED. The light has a brightness of 117 lumens and its range is 65 meters. The flashlight has 4 modes of illumination. 3 modes are used to control the brightness (strong, medium, weak) and the last one is used to turn on the SOS light. To switch between the modes is a flashlight switch.


The flashlight is splash-proof, it can also be used quietly in rain or other wet conditions. During normal use this is quite sufficient.


Battery flashlight
Charging cable



Light source Dioda LED JINGRUI XD-3535
Brightness 117 lumens
Power 2 W
Material Plastic
Weight 36 g
Power supply 1x battery Li-Ion 102342P 1000 mAh (not interchangeable)
Working time 250 minutes
Lighting range 65 m
Waterproof Splash resistance (IPX4)
 Modes High, medium, weak, SOS
Dimensions 63 x 31 x 34 mm
Color Black


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