Cepillo de dientes Infly P60 (rosa)

  • Cepillo de dientes Infly P60 (rosa)
11,40 €
12 months.
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Sonic toothbrush

Infly P60 is an electric, sonic toothbrush with wireless charging. It has a charging base with USB input for even more convenience of charging.


The toothbrush is made of high quality materials, DuPont bristles perfectly protect teeth and gums while brushing teeth. It has 2 brushing modes - soft 16000 rpm, cleaning mode - 19000 rpm and travel mode.


The brush has IPX7 protection - it is waterproof. It contains many protective functions, including overload protection, overcharging protection and short circuit protection.


The battery of the toothbrush is sufficient for 30 days when using the product twice a day for 2 minutes. The battery capacity is 320mAh.

Choice, to the color

The brush is available in 3 different colors - gray, blue, pink. Choose your favorite color and enjoy the convenience of using it for a long time.


Manufacturer Infly
Model P60
Color Pink
Battery capacity 320mAh
Maximum speed 19000 RPM
Water resistance class IPX7
Working time approx. 30 days
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