Dreame F9 smart vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot

  • Dreame F9 smart vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot
  • Dreame F9 smart vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot
  • Dreame F9 smart vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot
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A truly innovative Dreame F9 vacuum cleaner

Intelligent cleaning robot Dreame F9, will keep your house clean and tidy without any effort. Powerful 2500Pa suction power and long battery life are not the only advantages of Dreame F9. Its slim design will fit perfectly into any interior of your home.

Optical navigation 2.0

The vacuum cleaner has a 360° scanner that allows the vacuum cleaner to create a map of the apartment in real time. It can scan up to 30,000 data points per second. You can plan what space will be cleaned by Dreame F9 vacuum cleaner.


Perfectly cleans surfaces

Equipped with a reliable Japanese brushless motor by NIDEC, which can handle even the biggest dirt perfectly. Thanks to the flexible rotating brush made of microfiber we can easily get rid of unwanted dust from the apartment. Side brushes clean at 190 rpm. The dust container has two layers and a filtration system and its capacity is up to 600 ml. The innovative microfiber mop kills 99.9% of bacteria.


Intelligent charging

With a low battery level, the vacuum cleaner will find its way to the charger itself and will connect to it even in your absence. A smart solution without the need to control the battery.


Obstacles are not a problem

Dreame F9 has 8 sensors that will help to avoid any obstacles and prevent the device from falling. No need to worry about damaging the vacuum cleaner. When a child is playing on the floor, just place the virtual wall module. It emits an infrared beam, which is a barrier for the device.


Exact calculations

The device uses intelligent, dynamic mapping with a route calculation up to 50 times per second to find the optimal route and clean the whole apartment even faster.

 5 advanced features

Learn the best layout and plan your route accordingly. The vacuum cleaner has 5 functions, which will make cleaning the apartment according to your plan:

  • Memorizing the map and dividing rooms
  • Cleaning of selected sites
  • Possibility to create a virtual barrier
  • Cleaning other places
  • Renaming the selected room


Water container

The vacuum cleaner has a large capacity water tank of 200ml. You only need to refill the water once to easily clean the whole apartment - that's 90 minutes of wet cleaning. The vacuum cleaner has pre-spill control and the 317 mm wide mop can clean any larger room.

3 water flow modes

Selectable 3 water flow modes depending on the situation:

  • Weak mode: after washing the floors, the surface dries out instantly (ideal mode for high humidity outside)
  • Medium mode: for daily surface cleaning.
  • High mode: for very dirty surfaces.


Control with app

The Xiaomi home application allows you to control the device from any place. While you are at work, you can run a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the entire house while you are away from home. Also, with the app you can easily plan every cleaning cycle, from setting the time to choosing a specific room or putting up a virtual wall as a lock. The application allows for a comprehensive and comprehensive service of the vacuum cleaner.

In the box

Dreame F9 intelligent vacuum cleaner
Charging station
Power supply
Cleaning tool
Water tank




Model Dreame F9
Dimensions 350 x 350 x 80 mm
Weight 1,5 kg
Battery capacity 5200 mAh
Suction power 2500 Pa
Dust container capacity 600 ml
Water container capacity 200 ml
Engine Japanese NIDEC High-Speed Motor
Working time 150 min
Nominal power 40 W
Function Cleaning planning, self-charging, remote control
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