Adaptador UGREEN CM298 M.2 SATA a USB-C 3.1 y USB-A (gris)

  • Adaptador UGREEN CM298 M.2 SATA a USB-C 3.1 y USB-A (gris)
17,20 €
24 months.
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Adapter M.2 SATA/USB-C i USB A

The UGREEN M.2 SATA adapter does not require any cables, is compact and made of high quality materials. It is designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible. It has two USB terminals. One A-type, adapted for computers/laptops and the other C-type for phones and Macbooks. It is important that your smartphone has an OTG function.

Quick and practical

Cable-free, just plug and play. Equipped with a USB A/type C plug built directly into the two ends, so you do not need to use any cable. This solution is much more convenient and easier to use..

Powerful ASmedlia ASM235CM control controller

Device equipped with ASM235CM chipset - get maximum speed and best performance from your SSD.

USB 3.1 Gen 2 Standard

The device will allow you to transfer 1GB files in 2 seconds with a proven data rate of 500 MB/sec.

Simple installation without additional tools

  1. Remove the protective covers from both ends, press the "Open" button on the top of the case, pull out the black adapter.
  2. Align the hard drive with the card slot.
  3. Insert the fixing buckle into the fixing port
  4. Slide in the protective cover of the case.


Manufacturer UGREEN
Model CM298
Product code 70533
Ports USB, USB-C 3.1 Gen. 2
Data transfer 500 MB/s
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