Bebird B2 Pro Otoscopio con cámara (plata)

  • Bebird B2 Pro Otoscopio con cámara (plata)
  • Bebird B2 Pro Otoscopio con cámara (plata)
  • Bebird B2 Pro Otoscopio con cámara (plata)
  • Bebird B2 Pro Otoscopio con cámara (plata)
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Otoscope B2 PRO

ENT tool with direct on-screen image preview via wireless WiFi connection. A great solution to keep the hygiene inside the ear nice and above all safe, or simply check the infection status. The unique, classic version is even more compact and comfortable. The equipment is designed to make it as comfortable as possible. The most important role is played here by the tip, which is made of special medical material. It will fit easily into any ear shape. Ingenious, lightweight device with small dimensions.

Wide range of applications

Detailed precision

Otoscope is a traditional medical device in laryngology. It is used to view the eardrum and external auditory canal to diagnose pathological conditions. Our Bebird B2 Pro has been created with an incredible commitment to provide you with the most pleasant experience. Thanks to its clever design there is no chance of getting hurt. With precision have been designed all the details, such as a flexible spoon located at the very top. It is 100% effective, but most importantly, it does not threaten to damage sensitive parts. In addition, the lens is illuminated by five LEDs and one UV lamp for the clearest possible image.

High image quality

Progressive HD camera technology has a resolution of 5 Megapixels. Thanks to the aforementioned LEDs the view from the camera is clear and extremely accurate. You will see all possible microparticles in your ear and then effectively pull them out. The device also uses a professional fog and dust protection system, ensuring image clarity. The intelligent 4-axis directional gyroscope sends an incredibly fast transmission of 100 Hz. The focal point can examine the ear at a length of 15 mm and a surface depth of 12 to 25 mm. The field of view expands up to an angle of 31.6 degrees. Actually, the camera is so robust that it can even be used as a portable mini microscope.

Modern and practical

The preferred ear hygiene methods so far can be very dangerous and even cause the eardrum to break. Using cotton sticks or just washing your fingers in the shower is not a good idea. Instead of improving the condition, you can seriously damage your sensitive ears. Fortunately, a great solution will be to buy yourself this wonderful device. It seems complicated, but all we have to do is keep calm while using it and a flexible spoon will do all the work for us. The UV lamp will allow us to keep the good bacteria, destroying the bad ones by automatic disinfection.

Tidy design

The classic version makes an amazing impression with its slender and smoothness. At the same time, it offers many cleverly concealed functions. For example, the interchangeable tips are hidden throughout the device. To pull them out, simply pull out the lower case. This allows you to change them whenever you want, no matter where you go. Each part is reusable, easy to disinfect and wash. The set includes 21 pieces. In the otoscope casing you will keep 4 classic tips, 5 for cleaning, but also for massage and one pair with rounded shape, suitable for deeper cleaning. It is available in two elegant colors. Both black and silver match perfectly with the red details.

Comfortable operation

Unconventional equipment has a temperature similar to the one inside our ear. The otoscope itself reaches up to 25 degrees, while the temperature of the handle reaches up to 32 degrees Celsius, which means that it does not cause unpleasant sensations when the device is in such sensitive places. Your children can also use this practical device, but preferably under adult supervision. In addition, the applicator is used to test your teeth, nostrils and is animal-friendly!

Uncomplicated operation

To use Otoscope Bebird B2 Pro you only need to install on your phone or tablet dedicated application. It allows you to preview your ear on the screen and connect to the device via WiFi. The application supports systems such as Android and iOS. It is also suitable for control by several people, so your family and friends can also use it. A great solution to make your free time and meetings with friends more enjoyable. Easy to use and flexible design will surely appeal to your parents.

Contents of the kit

When you buy an Otoscope, you will receive it in a set:

  • Bebird B2 Pro Otoscope,
  • 21 pieces of different tips,
  • User Manual,
  • Charging cable with USB-C input,


Manufacturer Bebird
Name Smart visual ear cleaning tool
Product code B2 PRO Silver
Color Silver
Weight 29 g
Connection IEE 802.11b/g/n (Wireless)
Resolution 5 Mpix
Image processing CMOS
Battery capacity 350mAh
Charging time 1.5 h
Lens diameter 3.5 mm
Antenna frequency 2.4 Ghz
Battery life About 90 minutes
Acceptable ambient temperature -10 ~ 50ºC
Input current 5 V - 0.4 A
Optimal focal length 1.5 ~ 2cm
Image transmission speed 30 FPS
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