Auriculares para juegos BlitzWolf BW-GH2, RGB, 7.1

  • Auriculares para juegos BlitzWolf BW-GH2, RGB, 7.1
  • Auriculares para juegos BlitzWolf BW-GH2, RGB, 7.1
  • Auriculares para juegos BlitzWolf BW-GH2, RGB, 7.1
  • Auriculares para juegos BlitzWolf BW-GH2, RGB, 7.1
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18 months.
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Blitzwolf BW-GH2 gaming headphones

Multi-channel 7.1 sound, ergonomic design, 53mm speaker and colorful RGB backlighting all make the BW-GH2 the perfect gaming headphones for everyone. Enjoy immersive gameplay and customize the audio effects with special software. The product is compatible with a wide range of devices and is easy to use with the built-in multi-function controller. The bendable microphone allows you to communicate freely with other players.


Sound that will satisfy even the most demanding gamers

BW-GH2 deliver you excellent stereo sound quality, thanks to a large 53mm speaker, an advanced chip and an enhanced audio codec. The crystal clear sound and enhanced bass will let you immerse yourself in your favorite game even more and hear your opponents approaching perfectly. What's more, the large ear cups fit snugly around your ears, dampening ambient noise and allowing you to fully concentrate on your game.


Gaming comfort for hours

The ergonomic design of the headphones means you can play for hours without worrying about fatigue or discomfort. The adjustable headband with soft pad can be easily adjusted to the shape of your head. The ear cups are made of durable, skin-friendly material. In addition, the magnetic ring located on the cable eliminates interference, and stylish RGB backlighting gives the headphones a unique, gaming character.


Wide compatibility

The headphones are equipped with a USB connector cable, through which you can successfully connect them to the device of your choice. BW-GH2 is compatible with most computers and laptops. It also works with PlayStation, XBOX and Nintendo consoles. No matter what hardware you play on, you can enjoy immersive audio at the highest level.


Even easier to use

The built-in multi-function controller allows you to operate the headphones simply and conveniently. Use it to adjust the volume or mute the BW-GH2 completely. You can also quickly switch to using the microphone. The controller also allows you to control the LED backlight.




Brand Blitzwolf
Model BW-GH2
Cable length 2200±25mm
Speaker impedance 32±10%Ω
Plug USB
Weight 400g±5g
Dimensions 197,5x186,3x103mm
Speaker diameter 53mm
Frequency band 20Hz-20kHz
Microphone impedance -38±3dB



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