Reloj inteligente BlitzWolf BW-GTC (negro)

  • Reloj inteligente BlitzWolf BW-GTC (negro)
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The Blitzwolf BW-GTC smartwatch

The BW-GTC smartwatch offers an array of features to make your life easier. You can use it to receive and make phone calls, check the weather forecast, and track your heart rate and sleep phases. The large 1.54″ display is customizable and the durable battery provides up to 10 days of battery life. What's more, 8 sports modes will allow you to optimally plan your workout. Pair the BW-GTC with the Da Fit app to gain access to additional features.


Talk on the phone... without reaching for your phone!

The device has a built-in microphone and a high-end, waterproof speaker. This allows you to handle phone calls directly from the smartwatch - no more reaching for your smartphone! BW-GTC will also inform you of incoming messages and notifications.


Reliable for every day

The IP67 water resistance means you can use the smartwatch every day without worry. There is no need to take it off for hand washing or when it rains. It will not be damaged by accidental splashes. However, to extend its life, if it gets wet, it's a good idea to dry it right away before using it again. Moreover, the smartwatch strap is soft, comfortable and easy to clean.


Convenient, customizable display

The colorful, easy-to-read and eye-friendly HD touchscreen allows you to operate your smartwatch comfortably. The image displayed on it can be customized to your liking. Choose from over 60 designs available in the Da Fit app or set your own photo as the background. You decide what your smartwatch looks like!


Works for about a week on a single charge

The long runtime of the device is due to its long-lasting battery, perfectly selected electronic components and advanced power optimization technologies. All this makes the BW-GTC last for about 10 days on a single charge with basic use or up to 7 days if you use it daily. It can make Bluetooth phone calls for 220 minutes.


Help you take care of your health

BW-GTC is equipped with an advanced optical heart rate sensor that can continuously work 24 hours a day. The smartwatch also measures blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. By tracking and analyzing the information it collects, you will immediately learn about alarming changes and react to them quickly enough.


Perfectly planned training

The smartwatch offers up to 8 different sports modes from which you can choose the best one for you. The available sports include running, cycling, swimming and soccer. Using them, you can optimally plan your next workout, check the number of calories burned and track your progress in real time.


Sleep soundly

The device also has a sleep monitoring function. It intelligently recognizes its phases, measures their duration and provides you with detailed information about the quality of your night's rest. This will help you get to know your body better and change any negative habits you may have. With Blitzwolf, you can sleep soundly again and really get some sleep!


Additional features

This is not the end of the smartwatch's possibilities though! You can use it to play your favorite songs and check the weather forecast. You can also control your smartphone's camera and use the stopwatch function. You can also set an alarm clock, so you won't fall asleep at work anymore! BW-GTC also sends you special notifications to remind you to change your position when you sit too long.




Brand Blitzwolf
Model BW-GTC
Bluetooth version 5.0
Weight 38g
Support for Bluetooth phone calls Yes
Strap 20mm wide, silica gel
Dimensions 43x37x11mm
Standby time 7-10 days
Display 1.54″, 240x240 TFT
Battery capacity 230mAh
Charging time 2.5h
Supported languages English, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Arabic



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