Set 3 filtros PolarPro Shutter para DJI FPV

  • Set 3 filtros PolarPro Shutter para DJI FPV
  • Set 3 filtros PolarPro Shutter para DJI FPV
  • Set 3 filtros PolarPro Shutter para DJI FPV
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ND Filter Set for DJI FPV PolarPro Shutter Collection

Are you looking for a way to create spectacular shots with your DJI FPV regardless of lighting conditions? Set of 3 ND Shutter Collection filters is the perfect answer to your needs. With their help you will record stunning footage even in very bright environments. The lightweight aluminum frame will not weigh down your drone or affect the flight time or speed. And the durable CinemaSeries™ glass ensures excellent optical quality. You'll also find a practical, magnetic case included.


Amazing image quality regardless of lighting conditions

With the PolarPro you can produce breathtaking footage in almost any situation. ND filters are perfect for mid-day or bright conditions. The ND8 gives you 3 stops of light control and is perfect for filming during golden or blue hour. The ND16 offers 4 stops of light control. You will successfully use it while working in the afternoon. The ND32, on the other hand, provides 5-stop light control. It will prove indispensable in very bright environments.


Designed specifically for DJI FPV

The included filters are perfectly matched to the DJI FPV not only in terms of shape, but also durability. Resistant to damage - they are not afraid of even the most dynamic flights, daring maneuvers and high speeds. Lightweight, aluminum frame is not an excessive burden on the drone, and CinemaSeries™ glass surprises with its strength. It also features low refractive index and neutral colors, so it delivers dreamlike image quality.


Magnetic case - enjoy convenient and safe transportation of your filters

Are you afraid of accidental damage to your filters? Don't be! In the set you will find a durable, magnetic case that allows for their safe transport and storage. Thanks to it you can always have your accessories at hand! Pack them in your backpack and take them on a trip or outdoors to prepare for any lighting conditions and record stunning videos.


In the box

  • ND8 filter
  • ND16 filter
  • ND32 filter
  • Magnetic case




Brand PolarPro
Filters ND8, ND16, ND32
Material Aluminum + CinemaSeries glass
Suitable for DJI FPV



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