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Mando inalámbrico iPega PG-SW022C N-S / P3 / Android / PC (azul)

  • Mando inalámbrico iPega PG-SW022C N-S / P3 / Android / PC (azul)
  • Mando inalámbrico iPega PG-SW022C N-S / P3 / Android / PC (azul)
  • Mando inalámbrico iPega PG-SW022C N-S / P3 / Android / PC (azul)
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The iPega PG-SW022C Wireless Game Controller

The PG-SW022C multi-platform wireless controller lets you play your favorite games comfortably. Small and handy - provides comfort of play for long hours. The buttons of the device are characterized by impressive durability and high precision. The dual vibration motor, turbo function and 6-axis gyroscope offer an even better gaming experience.


Multi-platform compatible

What sets the controller apart is its wide compatibility. PG-SW022C works perfectly not only with computers (with Windows 7 or above), but also with Nintendo Switch and PS3 consoles, and even with Android devices! It doesn't matter what hardware you are playing on. You can easily connect an iPega-branded controller to it and break new records!


Lightweight, handy, perfect for everyone

The small size and light weight of the device make it extremely easy to transport. You can easily pack it in your suitcase or backpack and take it on vacation. What's more, this mini controller fits perfectly in your hands - not only adults but also children can use it comfortably!


Turbo function - your new way to win again

No longer do you have to repeatedly press buttons to unleash a barrage of bullets or a continuous stream of fire at your in-game opponents. The controller supports the Turbo function, which makes it so that you can perform the actions described above, or other similar actions, with just the press of a single button. This will allow you to achieve a number of impressive victories without much effort!


Reliable buttons

The device is equipped with intuitive buttons whose functions resemble those known from the most popular game pads. They have been arranged in such a way as to provide you with convenient access to them. They're also extremely responsive, so you can be sure your every move will be recorded. And the buttons feel nice to the touch and are resistant to wear and tear - they'll stand up to a lot of hard-hitting gameplay.


Increased immersion - more precise control

What else makes the iPega-branded controller deliver an unparalleled gaming experience? Dual vibrations enhance immersion and allow you to become even more immersed in the game. Plus, the 6-axis gyroscope makes control more intuitive and accurate. The controller sticks smoothly rotate 360°, allowing you to flawlessly execute even the most difficult maneuvers. Precisely target in-game enemies and shoot without misses - more victories are within reach!




Brand iPega
Model PG-SW022C
Working voltage DC 3.7V
Working current <30mA
Static current <20uA
Continuous gameplay time >15h
Input voltage/current DC 5V/500mA
Charging time About 3h
Bluetooth 3.0
Range Up to 8m
Battery capacity 380mAh
Standby time Up to 30 days on a full charge
Color Blue



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