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Mando inalámbrico iPega PG-9217A Android / PC

  • Mando inalámbrico iPega PG-9217A Android / PC
  • Mando inalámbrico iPega PG-9217A Android / PC
  • Mando inalámbrico iPega PG-9217A Android / PC
  • Mando inalámbrico iPega PG-9217A Android / PC
  • Mando inalámbrico iPega PG-9217A Android / PC
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The iPega PG-9217A Wireless Game Controller

Do you like mobile gaming? Are you looking for a way to make your gameplay more comfortable and score a string of consecutive victories? The PG-9217A is the perfect answer to your needs! This wireless game controller is compatible with smartphones measuring 135-165mm, and its ergonomic design allows you to play comfortably for hours. What's more, thanks to its carefully considered design, the device fits perfectly to your phone and provides a stable, secure hold.


Wide compatibility

The controller works with most popular smartphone models. It will support Android and iOS devices. Moreover, it is compatible with PC, PS3 and Nintendo Switch. So you can successfully use it to play on the equipment of your choice. The width of the gamepad can be adjusted in the range of 135-165 mm. Note: The PG-9217A does not work with iOS 13.4 or later. It also does not support phones with Mediatek processors.


Ideally fitted to your smartphone

The device is designed in such a way that you can safely place your phone in it. A special indentation ensures that your smartphone can be fitted perfectly into the controller, and the camera lens is protected from scratches. With iPega, you will enjoy comfortable gameplay without worrying about the safety of your smartphone!


Become a champion in your favorite mobile game

The gamepad features responsive, easy-to-reach buttons that provide lightning-fast response for simple, intuitive control. The controller sticks rotate smoothly and allow you to precisely target your opponents. So it's easy to aim and fire the perfect shot. Beat your opponents in the game, break another record and show who's boss!


Conveniently play where you want

PG-9217A features an ergonomic, user-friendly design. This lightweight and handy controller fits perfectly in your hands and is easy to transport. It fits easily in your bag or backpack. You can always have it with you and comfortably play your favorite games anywhere you want - at home, on the train, or even in line at the dentist!




Brand iPega
Model PG-9217A
Device width 135-165mm
Working voltage/current 3.7V/30mA
Operating time Up to 15h
Input voltage/current 5V/500mA
Charging time About 2h
Bluetooth 5.0
Range Up to 8m
Standby time Up to 30 days



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